We know that it is difficult to find a job, work on developing your skills, travel, socialize with friends, etc. in addition to your university responsibilities. But what if we told you that all of this is possible in ESN Zagreb - an association different from the others?


Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Zagreb is a part of the largest European student organisation - Erasmus Student Network, a key volunteering organisation in international higher education. Erasmus Student Network has as many as 15 000 volunteers all over Europe, with our volunteers from Zagreb being a big part of that. ESN Zagreb, with the help of University of Zagreb, has been helping students on exchange, but also local students willing to participate in it, for 11 years now. 



By joining one or two teams of ESN Zagreb - Party, Public Relations, Social Inclusion, Health & Well-being, Intercultural Exchange and Travel - you have the opportunity to make many friends, both in Croatia and all over Europe, to brainstorm and organise events for international students, to try yourself in various fields, but also to develop personally and professionally, and our Alumni member, Rebeka, told us more about that:


What has helped me the most in my current job is that I have seen what the students need outside of formal education, I feel very comfortable talking in English and I am very efficient when working in a team and prioritizing tasks. ESN offered me to try different fields, from event management to creating content for social media. I encountered many obstacles through which I often made mistakes, but through ESN I learned to accept them and get the best out of them.


You can also try different things in ESN Zagreb, but before that come to Caffe bar Dvorište on September 1st at 6 p.m. on our Info Day, where our members are waiting for you with a cup of coffee, and fill out the membership application form by September 2nd at 23:59 via the link and we'll see you at the recruitments!